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Altak and his shop.

Altak's Supplies is a supply shop located in the Crossroad Path. A good selection of items can be purchased here, including weapons, potions, and clothing. It is run by Altak. He sells the following:

Icon Item Price
Elixir of Wisdom x3 Pack.png
Elixir of Wisdom 3 Pack 100 NickCash
Minor Healing Potion.png
Minor Healing Potion 50 Bananas
Rejuvenation Potion x3 Pack.png
Rejuvenation Potion 3 Pack 50 NickCash
Shiny Red Apple.png
Shiny Red Apple 100 Bananas
Ico add com animalwood01 s01.png
Toucan Helmet of Power 100 NickCash
Metal Sword WPN.png
Metal Sword 125 NickCash
Copper Hoop Earrings.png
Copper Hoop Earrings 325 Bananas
Jungle Trooper Coconut Helmet.png
Jungle Trooper Coconut Helmet 450 Bananas
Dragon Bomb x5 Pack.png
Dragon Bomb 5 Pack 50 NickCash
Ice Cream Cone x3 Pack.png
Ice Cream Cone 3 Pack 25 NickCash
Healing Potion.png
Healing Potion 250 Bananas
Space Cadet Pants.png
Space Cadet Pants 50 NickCash
Space Cadet Shirt.png
Space Cadet Shirt 50 NickCash

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