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An Arena is an all-powerful cursed statue that has the power to summon Shadow Monsters and

Species Arena
Found at All trails
Attack None
Ability Summons monsters and spawners
Drops Treasure Chest

awake Spawners.


There are two types of arenas in the World of Ook.

One type is with Spawners and monsters that come right away. Your main objective is to defeat all of the Spawners and the enemies in the arena. Arenas can only be activated if you go in front of the handprint and press CTRL. The handprint will turn around and reveal a diamond, and it will show Spawners activating or elite monsters being summoned. Every single arena contains at least one Spawner. Most contain two, some have 3, and some have four. Some arenas summon Elite Monsters without Spawners. Some even have Shadow Monsters that act as mini-bosses, also without Spawners. Every arena has a timer and if you don't finish it before the time runs out, you have to start all over.


The other type can somewhat be a bit tougher since you have to protect someone from the monsters and you can't let them lose all of their health or you lose and there are also rounds with one enemy in each round. The other type also requires activation. The same diamond will appear if you activate it by clicking CTRL in front of the handprint, but instead of showing what you have to face, it starts right away and the enemies come right away. Above, it shows the health of the monkey you have to protect. It also shows how many monsters are coming. Every time you defeat a monster, another one will appear, but the number of monsters will shorten by one. When the number becomes one, then an elite monster might appear. Once the number shows zero, then the arena will be defeated.


Arenas are found in almost every single trail in Ook. Some trails have two arenas. If you defeat an arena, you get a treasure chest as a reward. If it is an easy arena, the reward will be a green chest. If it's around medium then the reward will be a blue chest. If it is a really hard arena then the reward will be a purple chest. Sometimes, there will be a blue treasure chest through the ruins of arena and a green or purple treasure chest behind the gates of it. Some arenas are found past switches that require other monkeys. If there is another monkey in the trail you are in, then another activation handprint will appear on the arena, and the other monkey must activate the other switch in order for the arena to be activated. If there are two monkeys in your area, then there will be three handprints. If there are three moneys in your area, then there will be four handprints.