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Aura, the Great Foo Panda.png

Aura, also known as the Great Foo Panda, The Great Sneezing Foo, or the Great Foo, is a near-mythical creature that resides in Bonsai Peaks.

Supposedly a direct descendant from mythical creatures of the First Age, the Great Foo Panda has resided in his lair for generations.

Known to be quite sensitive, the Great Foo Panda is known all throughout Ook. The Great Foo Panda has a love of bamboo, like all other pandas, but unlike other pandas, he is gargantuan in size and can understand and speak to monkeys.

Despite being intelligent, the Great Foo Panda has numerous caretakers, including his favorite, Master White.


  • The Great Foo Panda is white and black, like all other pandas. He is massive in size and has a tense face.

Gives Quests[]

Ends Quests[]

  • The Dragon Egg - Find a Dragon Egg in Bonsai Peaks in the Chim Foo lands. Reward: 3240 Ico buff experience.png / 216 Bananas
  • Healing The Great Foo - Heal the Great Foo Panda back at Bonsai Peaks. Reward: 2700 Ico buff experience.png / 180 Bananas


  • A major side-questline involves healing the Great Foo Panda. The name of the questline is currently unknown, but it takes monkeys throughout the Chim Foo and Ootu Mystic tribes to cure the Great Foo Panda's allergic reaction to monkeys.