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Bathog Ears are crafting items used in tailoring and alchemy. They are the most minor form of all Bathog crafting items, the middle one being a Bathog Ear and the highest being a Bathog Snout. These are obtained from defeating Bathogs, found in most Crossroads trails, or found in any Ootu trail. They are most commonly dropped by Bathogs between level 5 and 20, but any level of Bathog has a chance of dropping it. Even magma, moss, mist and shadow Bathogs can drop these. Below is a list of the different things you can craft with them.

2 Cotton Threads + 6 Linen Scraps + 3 Bathog Ears = Red Cat Burglar Mask
1 Flask of Pure Water + 3 Aloe + 1 Bathog Ear = Elixir of Shadow