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Blackflame (Creature)
Species Dragon (Shadow)
Found at Stone Gardens (Chim Foo)
Attack Shoots 3 Fireballs
Drops Perfect Shadow Shard/Dragon Scale

This article is about Blackflame, the enemy. Not to be confused with the quest, Blackflame.

Shadow Dragon Blackflame is an elite shadow monster that resides in the Stone Gardens (located in Bonsai Peaks). He is the final boss for The Great Shadow Hunt Event. Defeating Blackflame completes the quest, Blackflame, and also completes the questline entitled Dungeon Battle Royale.


Not much is known about Blackflame except that he is one of Ka's most loyal minions. He seems to have the power to corrupt creatures, as he supposedly corrupted Razorwing, Darkfin, and Grimfang, and made them his servants for the Great Shadow Hunt Event.

Tips & Hints[]

Blackflame is on a platform, so it is easy to hit him. However, he is guarded by many elite enemies, including some other shadow monsters. Try destroying any nearby enemies before you start attacking Blackflame. When you go for Blackflame, make sure to dodge his fireballs, as they can do a lot of damage. It's recommended that you use a ranged weapon to attack Blackflame, since he is a large enemy and getting caught in his radius can cause damage.


Blackflame's appearance is identical to that of a Shadow Dragon. He has black skin with purple shards all over his skin. He has blue eyes and sharp teeth, similar to most Shadow Monsters. Unlike most basic monsters, he is very big, so it is easy to accidentally get caught in his radius and take damage.


  • Blackflame is one of Ka's strongest minions.
  • He is the final boss required to complete the Great Shadow Hunt Event.
  • Defeating him and completing his quest will reward players with the Dragon Mace, which is a weapon that is likely based off of him.
  • He has the power to corrupt creatures and turn them into shadow monsters.
  • He is a very dangerous creature, so bring friends to help defeat him!