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Braxx001 Braxx001 12 August 2020

MQ Magazine

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Original Monkey Quest Player Original Monkey Quest Player 3 February 2020

Monkey Quest Data Files


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EoiGaming EoiGaming 18 March 2018

Monkey Quest Rewritten (JOIN NOW!)

Dictator Studios

Greetings to all warriors and monkeys from Ook!


Much of you heard about the closure of Monkey Quest Rewritten. Some of us explained how this can be the end for all of us. But it's far from over. Myself (Eoi), alongside with VoidEnemy and Trekk are remaking the game of Monkey Quest Rewritten! This is not over yet. We will never stop grinding, and that's a doubt. I understand much of you miss and love the game that has been closed down. Although, this is not over yet. We started everything fresh without no struggles, and see where this is gonna go.

And yes! Discord invites are open for all people. Join now! Located on this link:

*This lin…

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Trekkbee Trekkbee 11 March 2018

Monkey Quest v3 Development Updates

To see the discussion that is associated with this page go here:

This page will be used to keep you updated with the latest news on Dictator Studios' newest project: Monkey Quest Rewritten. Soon we will start posting updates. Below you will find a Q&A.

Q: When will the project be available for Alpha testing? A: Currently we have no confirmed Alpha release dates but if everything goes as planned it should come out in late April to early May.

Q: How will you be able to obtain an Alpha Key? A: To earn an Alpha Key you must have a verified email address on our Discord and be on our (Discord) server relatively often. To join our Discord go here:

Q: Will this project actually …

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Trekkbee Trekkbee 20 December 2017

Monkey Quest Rewritten 2 OFFICIAL

We are Dictator Studios. We came after Luminex Studios. And we are here to succeed in the task where they didn't: Rewrite Monkey Quest. You can check out the website -> [1]. We need more people to join our group so that we can move along faster. It will be a tough game to rewrite due to one script of a MQ file having 1000+ errors. But we think that we can do it. You can check out the progress below.


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Justmitch Justmitch 11 December 2017


Guys i nearly earnt the badge even more training.

You have to contribute 30 days in a row to earn it and I was on  22/30 days until i missed editing yesterday :0

Even worse, no has earnt that badge (im looking at you bill :D)

Rip meeeeeeee lol

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Justmitch Justmitch 27 November 2017

Activity Update

Hey guys, School breaks up for me in 2 weeks and then ill have a 6 week break. Aside from going to see relatives at christmas I should have a fairly large amount of free time some of which I plan to spend editing this wiki.

Here are my current goals:

Finish the bestiary

Give all monsters their own exclusive page ( not just a bestiary section)

Give all questgivers their own pages and add more information to existing ones

Add more videos to the wiki

Give trails pages more information 

Get 1000 wiki points (at least

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RetroRed13 RetroRed13 20 November 2017

Have a look at some files

Ok so these are the files I have on my pc. Got onto the launcher (LIKE ALMOST EVERYONE) now I am asking if anyone knows if they can get past to make it playable. If so tell me please!

uploaded by Steve Glowplunk :)

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Justmitch Justmitch 6 November 2017

When was Monkey Quest At Its Peak?

When was monkey quest in it's peak for you guys? 

If we ended up making MQ rewritten which of MQ's features would and wouldnt it have?

For me the last meaningful update for monkey quest was the addition of the ice raiders tribe.

I preferred the old interface in comparison to the new one because it seemed to be neon coloured and fake and all in your face.

I didn't like any of the nick related cross ins like the power rangers and teenage mutant ninja turtles events they got in the way of the whole monkey quest concept.

What do you guys think? Regardless of the MQ we could ever end up remaking it should be great!

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FernandoScratch FernandoScratch 28 September 2017

anyone wanna help working on the wiki

I probably won't be editing for a while.

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RetroRed13 RetroRed13 5 August 2017

A new MQR

Before I start I would like to say that this is my first ever Fandom post, and really blog post ever but it came to my attention a few days ago a Monkey Quest Rewrittern WAS being made. Then I found out it was cancelled so I gave up all hope on ever playing this game again. In my sadness I gave up hope and dicided to sleep. In the morning I came to a conclusion, With fangames like this the thing that is the problem is you never know if it is going too work or not, then I thought why dont I try to remember straight after I have no clue about creating a fangame. So what im suggesting is that if I can get enough people who want to try get this to work, Some people might want to help me make a new Monkey Quest Rewritten (or MQ:R)

If the old MQ:R …

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LuminexStudios LuminexStudios 30 May 2017

Why MQR was cancelled

I thought I would take a moment to explain why Monkey Quest: Rewritten was cancelled. It is honestly quite short and simple.

We had people interested, which is what we loved. We worked day and night trying to get the game to work for the best of you, but in the end. No matter what the donations, interest and our personal love for the game. We can not continue with legal complications.

The whole idea of a "Rewritten" project is illegal. And of course, we knew this from the start. And I was gonna keep going till we forcefully get shut down. But if it reaches personal life, then that's too far. I don't want too lose my house, car and everything I own for a game which may flop Instead, I will work on my own project. Not related to anything/anyon…

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LuminexStudios LuminexStudios 7 May 2017

Monkey Quest Rewritten (Announcement)

Luminex Studios presents Monkey Quest Rewritten. A reboot of the beloved childhood game Monkey Quest. Join the team at:

We are also accepting sponsors to help pay for servers, as well as other people who can help us with files etc.Thank you, everyone, for following this project over time, we will try our best to bring you the original game at it's full potential. We are still searching for missing game files even though we have a large portion of them.

Official Youtube Trailer:

Twitter: @MonkeyQuestRW

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LuminexStudios LuminexStudios 6 May 2017

Rewriting Monkey Quest

Hello, we are Luminex Studios. A very small group of developers who have taken a look at this dead project.

We are glad to hear that much of the community is still alive, and speaking to each other primarily about the rewrite of the game. Though our company can not promise anything, we may try to push for a rewrite.

We are looking for designers (Experience, small to large) developers (JavaScript, C++, HTML, Boo) would be nice, and community members who are willing to follow along, make suggestions and possibly in the future test certain aspects. For more information, please join our discord.

To join the project. Please click here:


The game will have NO membership or a subscription system to get access to areas/…

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Raining Pigs Raining Pigs 23 March 2017

Random April battlebox idea

Nobody has used the blog feature for fan creations yet, so I thought I might as well make one.... I think an 'ultimate clown outfit' would be cool. I'd expect it to be visually more complicated than the basic clown items that MQ had to offer. The weapon would be a flower that squirts (you know, the thing that a lot of clowns have). It could have a poison effect, which would assist in battle.

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Justmitch Justmitch 12 February 2017

Hey guys

Hey guys, im just writing a blog post to earn my badge, sooo yeah!

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DerpsCat DerpsCat 17 January 2017

Monkey Quest Closing: And The Effect of It

Back when I was little, I didn't play much games, only later I was intruduced to games and things. I remember starting off playing Club Penguin, stuff like that. I remember coming across Monkey Quest by a Ad on TV. MQ was amazing and awesome for me growing up. I played it from the start and ever since it closed. Once it was closed I was sad. I remember going on Youtube to see the reaction, and only a few minutes after there was a video which now to this day has 26k views. To this day, I only recently came across the wiki and its a shock to see half of this activity. I miss MQ, but I am pretty sure most of us do, but we all moved on in the past 3 years, its 2017 now and I guess I just play whatever now. Maybe one day the game will come back…

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Starrich Starrich 16 January 2017

Spam Nick with " Bring MQ back"

MQ was a very fun game. When i first started playing Monkey Quest I was in amazement. It was a beautiful game, we need to join forces to bring MQ back! Making million of cheap games is no excuse to get rid of Monkey Quest. Send the ticket now!!! Even though its 2017 i miss the game very much.

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Wyvernwings Wyvernwings 3 December 2016

Checking In

Hi! It's been a little while since I've said anything, but I've been checking the forums every few days for anything of interest.

Instead of continuing After the End, like a productive person would, I've been digging through old forum archives. I'd be happy to share some discoveries, if people are interested.

The next part of After the End is halfway done. I'll post it soon(ish).



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Kyle antoyne Kyle antoyne 3 June 2016

Is Monkey Quest will return?

Monkey Quest please return you are not here for 2 years and 616 days please come back now!

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Vgeitovsbuu Vgeitovsbuu 17 February 2016

elsword is alot like monkeyquest

i really liked monkeyquestand played it everyday thats why whene i found out monkeyquestwas gone i wanted to strangle the people who shut it down, so i was on the internet all night trying to find a awy to get back on but i found elsword instaed wich i foud to be almost as good. in elsword u are a group of frinds loocking fr the elshards and saving the world of el. in elsword u can be a raven, raven was a very skilled fihter and wrked his wat to officer in the army wich cused jellosy so it wasonly ameter of time befor he was framed and put in prisson by his fellow oficers. his fiance and his closest friends tried to rescye him only to be tracked down, raven was force to watche tme get brutaly slaughterd 1 by 1 then he was cut and trtred an…

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Dawafflypaws Dawafflypaws 11 October 2015

Lmao what

oi oi

seems like Monkey Quest got tangled up :')

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Daedalus 27 Daedalus 27 9 September 2015



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Daedalus 27 Daedalus 27 3 September 2015

MQ Concepts

Well, sadly MQ is over, but it may just one day come back. But until then, some of you out there probably had a few ideas of what you thought might be cool to have in-game. To keep our minds off the tragedy of the closing, but keep thinking about the wonderful world of Ook, I thought it might be fun or just a way to pass time to list some of the ideas I had.

I will update this as I think of/remember more, but here are what I have for now:

  • 1. "Ultimate Tribal Weapons" these would be, as the name implies, the ultimate weapons for each tribe. They would all be unique in some way, and be quite powerful. They would be crafted with your starter weapon (Mystic Flytrap Staff, etc.) and a few other items, such as the tribal bomb (Invisibility Bomb fo…

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Bill Cipher1500 Bill Cipher1500 28 September 2014

Monkey Quest Is Closed

Looke like Monkey Quest is closed...

But that doesn't mean we're stopping yet. If you have any info on Monkey Quest that isn't on the wiki, feel free to add it to the wiki.

Although, it is still a bummer. MQ is a really awesome game, but games do come and go. Only this game laster three years.

Thanks for all of the effort you put into the wiki. We really appreciate it!

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Bill Cipher1500 Bill Cipher1500 7 June 2014

I'm back!

I'm back and I'm gonna try and edit this wiki more often. I might only be able to edit on the weekends. I already got started and I just finished making major edits on the Ook page. I can't wait to make this wiki an even better wiki!

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Abce2 Abce2 27 March 2014

To-do list/conversational piece

This is going to be a blog listing the things to be done, as well as the questions I have about Monkey Quest.

Feel free to comment! :D


  1. Make an item Infobox
  2. Fix up item pages
  3. Find a good format for Quest pages
  4. NPC Infobox
  5. Fixing up NPC pages
  6. Event Infobox (there seems to be an event every other day... >_>
  7. Fixing up Event pages
  8. Pet Infobox
  9. Fixing up Pet pages
  10. Potion Infobox
  11. Fix up Potion pages
  12. Enemy Infobox
  13. Fix up enemy pages
  14. Boss Infobox
  15. Fix up Boss pages
  16. Shop/merchant templates
  17. Fix up shop/merchant pages
  18. Make pages for recent stuff, then work backwards


  1. What exactly is crafting?
  2. Are there updates everyday?
  3. What is "bound"?
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Bill Cipher1500 Bill Cipher1500 2 March 2014

This wiki need more info

This wiki really needs more info on Monkey Quest. I am doing everything I can to add more info to this wiki. I'm adding more info the the tribes. I am also adding questline pages and quest pages. And the NPCs and VIPs need a lot more info. I'll try and add more info to that.

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Monkeyofpeace Monkeyofpeace 12 January 2014

monkey quest 101

I think that all monkeys should be abel to know a lot so i stated this blog to let all of yall know tip qestions videos and maybe your most favorite moment. this is all see all yall monkeys later. MONKEY QUEST FOREVER. also we will also talk about pets these are mine i have two more and yes i am a member. BYE

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TianTheFrienshipper TianTheFrienshipper 19 December 2013

Tian's Blog (Formerly Tested)

Turner Dizzybeam was a monkey in Monkey Quest,he’s level was unknown,  he was have 1.000.000 bananas and 1.000.000 NickCash, he also joined petpetpark, neopets, experiemental penguins,penguin chat 1, penguin chat 2, penguin chat 3, club penguin , he’s tribe was chim foo,crossroads,ice raiders,mek-tek,ootu mystics, he was a member in early 2014, he was sightor,kama,flit,mayor bumbee,luna,mysterious warrior,memee,hardtack,mainsail favorite warrior in world of ook, he was the second monkey to defeat ka’s shadows, he was completed all quests in ook, he have all pets in monkey quest, and was entered all room in monkey quest

Turner Fantasticbeam was a former monkey from monkey quest, other informations are very unknown...!?!?!

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TianTheFrienshipper TianTheFrienshipper 19 December 2013

Blog 1 (.?/!+=-Test-=+.?/!.) - SERVER OFFLINE

Test Message : Sorry You Are Unable To Open This Blog - beep......

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Hannah55 Hannah55 9 August 2013

monkey news

hay this is monkey news your reading monkey news. monkey quest ur medals and get all of them  and the huge spider never stops growing.get to level well any level

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Gerima Gerima 16 July 2013

This wiki needs more.

This wiki is stale. I love it but we need more information. Start with Rachnock and the parties.

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Cooly656 Cooly656 4 May 2013

The Five Tribes

 these are the tribes of Ook 

First is:Ice Raiders

Second is:Mek Tek (To be released)

Third is:Sea Dragons

Fourth is:Chim Foo

Fifth is:Ooutu Mystics

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BenjaminDJ BenjaminDJ 19 February 2013

Reasons to join each tribe

My favourite tribe is Chim Foo, and as the poll says, Chim Foo is the most popular tribe.

For joining these pirate treasure hunters you get this glider thingy, hat and their sword. I personally like the glider for an ability.

Best Tribe Ever Badge

By joining these action-packed questing ninjas you turn Enzo, that annoying chameleon who is too full of himself and hang him from his tongue. Never tried this as I haven't joined the tribe thanks to the stupid premium thing. Stars look good and hat looks like an evil skull's on it. :P

Comment on whether you think the Premium areas should be Premium or not.

My least favourite, Ootu Mystics theme is a little silly. You get this Ootu Charm why I have no idea what it's good for, a stick with a dead fly o…

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Yoyo9973 Yoyo9973 13 January 2013

Free Guest Pass!

Ello, I have a Free Guest Pass Code On Monkey Quest. The code is GUESTPASS With Caps

If you dont know a guest pass is its a thing that gets you acess and its on your backpack in keys icon Click on the guest pass 2 Times and when something is showing up press the Tick Button And now your using a guest pass! It makes you get acess To trails and Tribes and Tribe abilltys

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YoGogeta YoGogeta 6 January 2013



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Bleacha Bleacha 29 November 2012

good news for who needs nc

everyone i have great new you dont have to get nc just level up i'm the creater of monkey quest so i'm changing somethings  in nc mall every not every somethings and weapons,keys you dont need much nc i making them lower nc ok bye

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Darkakali Darkakali 17 September 2012

guest pass

Ok, so recently monkey quest gave out a free guest pass to everyone. Anybody willing to give me their guest pass in return for my guest pass? It would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Chimfoowarrior1 Chimfoowarrior1 14 September 2012

the tribes of monkey quest

hey there!

i'm gonna be tellin you bout the tribes of monkey quest.

the chim foo: they are stealthy warriors who beleive in tradition and harness the element air.

the sea dragons: they are pirates who love to treasure hunt and party and harness the element fire.

the ootu mystics: ''they beleive in nature and harness the element earth.

these are the gifts you receive when you join the chim foo.

these are the gifts you receive when you join the sea dragons.

these are the gifts you receive when you join the ootu mystics.

and that's all that is there.

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Tigergold676 Tigergold676 6 September 2012

Monkey quest is fun

Monkey quest is fun and nobody can say its not, please tell me your opinions.

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YoGogeta YoGogeta 17 June 2012

I can't screemshot!

Help me i cant screemshot i followed all the directions and everything

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Iceeeeey6 Iceeeeey6 30 May 2012

Spin sword

How do u get the spin sword?!?!?!?!

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Drkblur Drkblur 13 May 2012

Question!? answer asap please

okay so for anyone who knows mmorpg's and specially free ones i need an answer, is this game pay to win? if you don't know what i mean, pay to win is like if you pay using real money your gear severely overpowers the gear you get with in game currency, the alternative is pay to look cool where as you pay to have cool looking clothes to cover up your gear that gives you good stats. So is monkey quest pay to win?

nvm i just read it, nc cash to get more powerful weapons, this is dumb, what a rip off specially targetting a younger age group.

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Zillionnaare Zillionnaare 16 April 2012

Swiftykitty2K Retired

Sadly Swiftykiity2K has retired. I can not tell you why. Swiftykitty2K may not be back for a while, maybe not even come back. I do not know much, but for now Swiftykitty put me in charge. If you have any questions, fill free to ask them on my message wall.

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Tigergold676 Tigergold676 11 April 2012

Monkey quest

I love monkey quest. Thats it.

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Morgan Shadowhammer Morgan Shadowhammer 5 April 2012


I'm level 17 in monkey quest and almost level 18!

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Zillionnaare Zillionnaare 3 April 2012

Recipe Help

Invisibility Bomb

The Invisibilty Bomb is a bomb that turns you invisible, of course. Everyone knows that, but where can you find the Bomb Recipe. I looked every where. Is it a vendor? Is it quest, what is it? I would like to know, because I know my monkey is over the level 15. I sill would like some help. At least tell me where the vendor is, or what the quest is called. Can you please tell me, it will mean a lot to me honestly, at least give me a hint. I hope you will consider to help, it will mean a lot, so please tell me.

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Morgan Shadowhammer Morgan Shadowhammer 2 April 2012

Samurai Action

I'm getting high levels and want to earn my samurai gear fast! Bye wiki.

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