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Bonsai Peaks is a Chim Foo trail. Many pandas call the trail their home. It is unknown how the pandas have stayed in this area without corruption by the shadows.

The Bonsai Peaks are so named from the legend stating they were tiny hills cultivated by some much larger, incomprehensible force. Despite their large size and great height, pandas are plentiful here. In fact, the legendary Great Foo Panda has lived here for years. Perhaps earning its respect might lead to some great information or opportunities.

Trail Info

  • Trail Access Point: Jade Mountain
  • Trail Recommended Levels: 20-30
  • Quest Required: None
  • Exclusive Quest Items: Stun Flower, Iron Viper Pants, White Tail Beads of Healing
  • Idols: 10

Trail Enemies


Inside Bonsai Peaks

Bonsai Peaks is covered in massive, vertical mounds. The trail is scattered with traps, puzzles and hidden paths. Master these challenges to discover various treasures - from chests to grand idols.


Blue Chest

Item Obtained

You can help by adding more loot obtained from Bonsai Peak chests!

Trail Quests

Tips & Hints

Scrying to Get By - No matter how many carrots your monkey might have eaten, there's still no way to see your way safely through this trail without help. Trying to hunt for treasure and bananas among the Bonsai Peaks without a Scrying Orb is like stumbling in the dark.