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Chim Foo




Current Leader

Grand Master Whisper

Entrance Location

Iron Mountain Highway

The Chim Foo are the stealthy warriors of Ook.

High in the Iron Mountains, you'll find the fortresses of the Chim Foo, a secret society of elite monkey warriors. The Chim Foo are very distrustful of outsiders but once you're accepted, you're in for life. If you can find them...

The tribe uses ninja weapons like throwing stars, swords, and smoke bombs. The Chim Foo Tribe is located in the eastern region in the world of Ook, next to the Ice Raiders and Mek-Tek tribes. The other four tribes consist of the Sea Dragons, Ootu Mystics, Mek-Tek, and Ice Raiders.

In the Chim Foo questline, it consists of 10 trails. The following are the trails that are included the Chim Foo questline:  Chim Foo RooftopsMountain ShrineMagnolia LakeForbidden KeepLantern RidgeBonsai PeaksLost Fortress, Stone Gardens, and Hidden Hollow. Ninja Scout Trail is an optional area.

For reaching the Chim Foo tribe, you will receive the Grappling Hook, the Foo Warrior Throwing Stars and the Trainee Warrior Cap. The sacred armour of the Chim Foo is the Dread Plate Armor.

The Chim Foo harness the element of Air.

You receive these three gifts for reaching Chim Foo!

Mist, the founder of Chim Foo


After the Monkey King died, Mist, one of the Monkey King's stealthiest companions, went on her own journey to rebuild Ook. She founded a destroyed land, east in the world of Ook. As she was rebuilding it, she discovered some secrets in the land. After rebuilding the land, she tried to discover more secrets. She meditated and prayed for years until one spring day, Mist found a field of moonflowers. She meditated on the field for weeks. After meditating for a long time, Mist had learned to harness the element of Air. She then decided to call the land the Chim Foo tribe, where monkeys come to learn to be Chim Foo ninjas. Mist taught many monkeys the ways of the Chim Foo, until one day, she died. The monkeys were sad to find out that their grand master had passed on. Grand Master Whisper took her place as the new grand master.


Map of Chim Foo.png


  • The name 'Chim Foo' is a play on a Chinese fighting style called 'Kung Fu' and the word chimp
  • The tribe of Chim Foo resembles ancient Japan, for it is full of ninjas and Grand Masters.
  • In 2011, according to an organized poll, Chim Foo is the most popular monkey quest tribe.
  • The Chim Foo territory is next to the Ice Raiders territory, and the unknown Mek Tek territory.
  • The pet Skyclaw, is the Chim Foo's representative pet.
  • The Chim Foo don't generally like the Sea Dragons, but Master Shade is seen with Ironfoot.