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These are all the main and side quests in the Chim Foo tribe.

Chim Foo[]

The Chim Foo[]

  • Talk To Kama - You're about to enter your tribe! But first, you need to impress Kama. Start by talking to him.
  • Light The Lanterns - Light The Lanterns In Hidden Hollow. It's pretty easy, as long as you avoid the dragons and the living statues that breathe fire.
  • Two Moonflowers To Go - Moonflowers are very ancient. Find 2 moonflowers in Hidden Hollow.

Joining The Chim Foo[]

  • Tablets and Ink - Tablets and Ink: They can get you into the Chim Foo Tribe. Collect 4 Wooden Tablets and 1 Bottle of Ink.
  • Chim Foo Gate - Are you ready to enter the Chim Foo Tribe? All you have to do now is deliver the tablets and the bottle of ink to Sabre, a fierce and deadly panther who looks like he wants to devour you, also known as the gator for the Chim Foo Tribe. Have fun!
  • Chim Foo World - You're In. Now you should practice with your Grappling Hook and then speak to the Grand Master.

Wisp's Test[]