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Chim Foo World is the third and final quest of the questline, Joining The Chim Foo.

Pre Quest Quote:

"Go to Jade Mountain, so that Enzo, your chameleon, can start working as a Grappling Hook. Practice this new skill at Jade Mountain before finding Grand Master Whisper in Chim Foo Square." - Sabre


Quest Giver:

Giver Location:


Sabre wants you to go to Jade Mountain and then meet Grand Master Whisper in Chim Foo Square.

  • Go to Jade Mountain
  • Reach First Position
  • Reach Second Position
  • Talk to Grand Master Whisper

Quest Ender:

End Quest Quote:

"Find your center, monkey. Now, clear your mind and listen closely..." - Grand Master Whisper


Next Quest:

  • Find Wisp