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A monkey exploring Cindertop Highland.

The Cindertop Highland rests at the far end of the Crossroad Path where the molten magma has risen through the cracked surface. The violent natural forces at work here have made it nearly uninhabitable, save for the most resistant plants and animals. It's only natural that the unforgiving environment would toughen the monsters dwelling here.

Trail Statistics[]

Trail Enemies[]

  • Spawners
  • Rock Cragcrawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Magma Cragcrawlers

Trail Quests[]

Hunting the Shadow Source -  Mayor Bumbee wants you to find the source of the Shadows in Cindertop Highland. Reward: 460 Bananas/6900 XP

The Magma Citadel -  Mayor Bumbee wants you to find a Magical Stone to the Magma Citadel in Cindertop Highland. Reward: 470 Bananas/7050 XP

A Scout in Trouble - Kian wants you to find Mosym in Cindertop Highland. Reward: 460 Bananas/6900 XP

Combat with a Big Bathog - Mosym wants you to defeat the Shadow Bathog in Cindertop Highland. Then, deliver the report to Kian in Clock Tower Square. Reward: 470 Bananas/7050 XP

Arenas are Evil -  Kian wants you to defeat Both Arenas in Cindertop Highland. Reward: 500 Bananas/7500 XP

Super Strong Shard Box - Wijit wants you to find the 5 Pieces of Black Lava in Cindertop Highland. Reward: 470 Bananas/7050 XP

Spites and Marshmallows -  Defeat the Shadow Monster threatening the Volcano Machine in Cindertop Highland and take 5 Marshmallows to Maurice. Reward: 500 Bananas/7500 XP

Kwipp's Daily Quest -  Kwipp knows about 3 hiding spots in Cindertop Highland. Think you can find them too? Reward: 470 Bananas/7050 XP

Tips & Hints[]

Fear in Formation - An apparent dead end lies beyond the molten rock on the right. Activating the switch sets the overhead platform to the left where you can hop aboard. However, two spiked balls trail closely behind. Turn tail as soon as you hit the switch and flee back the way you came before they can rake your monkey across the hot coals.


  • Cindertop Highland has the second highest level limit, besides Magma Citadel which has the highest level limit making it the second hardest crossroad trail.
  • Many Magma Monsters live here. There are also a lot of spiked balls.
  • It is dangerous to venture off alone due to the population of Magma Bathogs and crawlers.
  • Many monkeys who dared to enter the Cindertop Highland have never returned.
  • There are some hiding spots in Cindertop Highland, according to Kwipp, that monkeys have most likely used to avoid the vile monsters roaming the area.
  • Mayor Bumbee sends you to Cindertop Highland after you've completed enough of her quests.