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Cravenfoot is a quest giver residing in the Ootu Mystics trail Whispering Spirits.

He can be seen floating near the center of the trail, holding a candle, and wearing a top hat.

Surrounded by a yellow aura, he refers to himself as a supernatural being.


Gives Quests:[]

Restful Spirits

Cravenfoot wants you to defeat all orchids and then seek the Spirit.

Rewards: 2000 XP/90 Bananas & Pale Skeleton Paint OR Skull Pants

Quest finisher: Memee.

Gator at the Gate

Cravenfoot wants you to offer his enchanted bones to Ghanee in order to join the Ootu Mystics.

Rewards: 1860 XP/72 bananas.

Quest finisher: Ghanee.

Ends Quests:[]

Grab the Bones

Memee wants you to go to the Whispering Spirits and find four enchanted bones, and one enchanted skull to give to Cravenfoot.

Rewards: 2170 XP/84 Bananas.

A Message from Beyond:

Memee wants you to collect two ingredients from Whispering Spirits and bring them to Cravenfoot.

Rewards: 2000XP/90 Bananas.