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Darkfin (Creature)
Darkfin pic.png
Species Spinefish (Shadow)
Found at Rosy's Reef (Sea Dragons)
Attack Tries To Bite You
Drops Spinefish Lantern/Spinefish Eye

Shadow Spinefish Darkfin is a mini-boss who you would challenge during the Great Shadow Hunt Event. In order to battle this shadow creature, you must be at least level 25 - 35. You need at least one other monkey/player to help you.


Darkfin was one of the creatures once loyal to Ook that fell into the darkness and became a shadow creature. At one point he was eaten by Rosy. But when Blackflame, Darkfin's lord, rose, he was resurrected and now he roams in Rosy's stomach.


  • Darkfin is probably one of the only shadow spinefishes, the other being a mini-boss shadow spine-fish.
  • The mini-boss spine fish and Darkfin look the same, except that Darkfin is slightly bigger than the mini-boss. Darkfin has his name titled above him.
  • It is unknown how Darkfin ended up in Rosy's stomach. One possibility is that he was simply eaten.