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Cursed Guardian Knight Dingy

Dingy was the first Guardian Knight that Loch rescued from the Forgotten Temple. Later he fell into the shadows and turned on his fellow Guardian Knights. Now he serves the sinister shadow of Ka.


Dingy, along with the other Guardian Knights, was trapped underground for 600 years. When the Vespids broke out of the Forgotten Temple, Loch went inside and rescued Dingy. Later on Loch rescued the other Guardian Knights. When Ka returned, he corrupted Dingy. He then lied about being the commander. When everyone found out that he was lying, he fled. Dingy headed to the tribe of the Ice Raiders to release Foulbreath the troll by breaking the 4 seals so the troll can terrorize the tribe. But when he broke the last seal, he got captured by the monsters he released along with the troll.


Roles In Game[]

He appears in the Ice Raiders questline in the quest "The Final Seal" and releases Foulbreath the troll and a lot of other monsters in the Ice Caverns. But in the Tempest Chasm, he gets captured by the monsters that he released, and your objective in the quest "A Hero's Duty" is to save him.


  • Dingy is seen in Torch Frenzy in the background where the stomper obstacles are.
  • Dingy appeared during a special Guardian Knight Event.
  • Dingy has a scar on his eyelid that might have come from a fierce battle.