Dragontail is the founder of the Sea Dragons tribe. He was a fierce pirate who aided the Monkey King in defeating Ka, the Shadow Demon, before he died at Crossroads.



After the Monkey King's deathEdit

After the Monkey King's sacrifice, Dragontail, one of the Monkey King's toughest companions, set forth on an adventure to rebuild part of Ook. What he found was a destroyed island in the middle of the sea. He rebuilt it by using what the Monkey King taught him. While there, he learned to harness the element of fire.

Founding the Sea DragonsEdit

After many years, he decided to use the land to form a tribe. He called the tribe the Sea Dragons Tribe, after his own name and the very ocean he lived on, where other monkeys would follow his legacy. Soon, other monkeys sailed to this island to learn to be pirates.

Dragontail's deathEdit

Not long after that, Dragontail died in the Crossroads. He was buried in a small area in the Forest Ruins, which sadly got taken over by an arenaCaptain Blacktail took his place after he died.

Return of KaEdit

The return of Ka, or perhaps an event prior to that, caused an arena to appear, or be built, around his tomb in the Forest Ruins.


  • He is the founder of the Sea Dragons Tribe.
  • He was a fierce pirate who mastered the element of fire.
  • Many monkeys would want to be a pirate, so when some monkeys trained, they thought Dragontail was giving them faith, so other pirates came to train because of belief.
  • No one knows how he died. But there are theories that he died in the Crossroads, since his tombstone is found in the Forest Ruins.
  • Why his tomb was built in the Forest Ruins is unknown, as he lived on the sea dragon archipelago, and if he died there, it is also unknown why he would be there in the first place, perhaps pirating or trading.
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