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Feather is an NPC who resides in Lantern Ridge, a trail in the Chim Foo tribe.

He can be found almost directly above the trails first checkpoint.

He wears what appears to be a type of samurai armor and is holding some sort of weapon.


  • Feathers Butterflies Feather needs you to find the 5 Butterfly Spies in Lantern Ridge.

Reward: 250 Bananas/3750 XP

  • A Shadow Within  Feather wants you to defeat the Arena in Bonsai Peaks. Reward: 4050 XP  / 270 Bananas
  • The Bombird’s Rage - Feather wants you to defeat 5 Elite Bombirds in the Lost Fortress. Reward: 290 Bananas/4350 XP
  • The Bombird’s Rage - Part 2 Feather wants you to defeat the Arena in the Lost Fortress. Reward: 360 Bananas/5400 XP & Iron Viper Tunic OR Purple Chim Foo Pony Tail
  • The source of the Bombird's Rage- Part 3 Feather wants you to defeat the Shadow Dragon in the Stone Gardens. Reward: 384 Bananas/5760 XP & Fiery Cyclone Earrings OR Ceremonial Skirt of the Phoenix