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Species Stormbeast
Found at Viking Warrior Trail
Attack Shoots spikes in all directions
Ability Invulnerability Shield

Frostblaze is an elite enemy that resides in the Viking Warrior Trail in the Ice Raiders tribe. It is an elite variant of a Stormbeast.


  • Special Attack: Charges up and shoots icicles in every direction
  • Strength: Invulnerability shield that blocks all damage taken
  • Weakness: Only temporarily vulnerable to attacks after attacking
  • Found in Ice Raider Trails
  • Frostblaze's difficulty goes by your level


  • Frostblaze is one of the few bosses in Monkey Quest that has its name pictured above it.
  • Frostblaze is one of the five elite enemies that are found in the Viking Warrior trail, and could be considered as the hardest of the five.