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the Original Founder of the Ice Raider tribe and one of the five companions who aid the Monkey King in defeating Ka, Grapp.

Grapp is the founder of the Ice Raiders tribe. He was a fierce ice warrior who aided the Monkey King in defeating Ka, the Shadow Demon who created the shadow monsters.


After the Monkey King's death[]

After the Monkey King sacrificed himself to defeat Ka, Grapp, one of the Monkey King's bravest companions, went his own way to rebuilt part of Ook after the big impact the Monkey King had laid. The persistent Grapp founded a destroyed land, north of Ook with a freezing temperature which he rebuilt. After many years of being isolated in the cold land, he learned to harness the element of ice. He then decided to call the land the Ice Raiders tribe. Ever since then, more and more monkeys would move to the Ice Raiders tribe to learn to harness the element of ice and to be a brave daredevil. Grapp also set up some snowboard races. He also created an ancient order of the Ice Raiders known as the Runemasters.

Grapp's death[]

The Ice Raiders tribe was very peaceful but after Grapp died, the monkeys didn't know what to do. They had no leader. So the Ice Raiders decided to select a new leader based on an extreme sports competition. A brave Ice Raider named Sigthor won and so he was selected as the new leader of the Ice Raiders. Ever since then, the Ice Raiders regained their peace again.

Return of Ka[]

Things became worse when Ka returned. His presence woke up many monsters in the Ice Raiders tribe, including the dangerous Foulbreath the troll. Foulbreath was terrorizing the peaceful Ice Raiders until some very powerful monkeys defeated him. He was sealed off in the Tempest Chasm, where they thought nobody would dare come and release him. But later they found out they were wrong. The Ice Raiders thought everything was okay but an avalanche came and buried the whole tribe in snow.


  • He was a fierce daredevil of snow, having the power to freeze anything in his way
  • Sigthor took his place as the leader of the Ice Raiders tribe due to winning the competition five times in a row.