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|image file = Green Skeleton Pants.png
|place = Jacko
|level = 01
|rarity = {{Rare}}
|bound = Unbound
|tribe = [[Crossroads]]
|slot = [[Legs]]
|bdefense = 2}}
The '''Green Skeleton Pants''' are a [[legs]] clothing item that can be purchased from [[Jacko]] at [[Papa Matu's Haunted Graveyard]].
'''Green Skeleton Pants''' is a limited edition item from Halloween in [[Monkey Quest]].[[File:Pants.png|thumb]] They are worn on your legs. You must be level 2 to wear this item.
== Description ==
Look like a complete skeleton when you wear these with the [[Green Skeleton Shirt]].
== Trivia ==
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 500px;"
* It is limited edition.
* Prior to 2012, it was obtained by smashing [[Pumpkin|pumpkins]].
* Prior to 2012, the Green Skeleton Pants had +8 blunt defense, +5 blunt damage, +8 fire defense, and +8 hit points.
* Prior to 2013, the Green Skeleton Pants were obtained from a [[Treasure Chests|Halloween Chest]] (Red Chest) at [[Papa Matu's Haunted Graveyard]]
* Similar items include the [[Pale Skeleton Head]] and the [[Pink Skeleton Head]].
blunt defense
== Gallery ==
| +8
Pants.png|The Green Skeleton Pants in the inventory
[[Category:Game Content]]
=== '''See Also''' ===
* [[Green Skeleton Head]]
* [[Green Skeleton Shirt]]
* '''Green Skeleton Pants'''
[[Category:Limited Edition]]
[[Category:Halloween Item]]
[[Category:Halloween Item]]
[[Category:Limited Edition]]

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