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Iron Mountain Highway is a highway that leads you to the Chim Foo Tribe.

Here resides Sabre and the Mysterious Warrior, although they can be found in other areas. Monkeys can access Hero's Secret Shrine here, which is hidden by a waterfall. Monkeys can also find the Chim Foo gate that guards Jade Mountain against outsiders here.

Highway Statistics[]



Iron Mountain Highway, as described by its name, is a fairly mountainous region.

The left of the highway is frozen with snow covering much of it. Nodax is found here, and there is a portal leading to Smuggler's Highway.

The right has many waterfalls and lakes akin to the rest of the Chim Foo region. Sabre and The Mysterious Warrior reside here. Two highways and one trail can be accessed from this area: Fire Canyon Highway, Jade Mountain, and Hero's Secret Shrine. Hero's Secret Shrine is hidden under a waterfall, and after 2012, it has no quests.

A Jack-In-The-Box can also be found here.

Highway Quests[]

Chim Foo Gate - Kama wants you to bring the Note to Sabre in Iron Mountain Highway. Reward: 1860 Ico buff experience.png / 72 Bananas

Chim Foo World - Sabre wants you to go to Jade Mountain and then meet Grand Master Whisper in Chim Foo Square. Reward: 2170 Ico buff experience.png / 84 Bananas & Ninja Trainee Hat (2014) & Ninja Trainer Stars (2014)