Species Shadow Demon

Ka is an evil shadow monster who battled against the Monkey King and his companions.

The Monkey King destroyed him by summoning all of his energy in a blast that turned Ka into millions of shadow shards, but sadly the Monkey King was gone too. Then all the five companions spread in the land of Ook and then built five tribes called Mek-Tek, Ice Raiders, Chim Foo, Sea Dragons and the Ootu Mystics. Now the monkeys are trying to get the Monkey King back, at least his soul or spirit. But sadly Ka has returned to Ook and now he is planning to rule the monkeys, make them his minions, and destroy every single peaceful thing in Ook.


  • His strongest minions occupy at the Magma Citadel, which is on the Crossroads Path.
  • Even though the Monkey King had the power to destroy Ka, it killed himself through the blast of energy. But then the Shadow Demon Ka had returned and now he plans to take over Ook.
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