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Kedel is an NPC who resides in the Marsh Sanctuary, a trail in the Ootu Mystics tribe.

Kedel in his spot


Kedel is a monkey who has a magician's hat and a fake beard with noticeably red pupils. He resides in an armchair above the opening over the first arena in Marsh Sanctuary. 


Lavender Sanctuary - Kedel wants you to find a Lavender Flower in Marsh Sanctuary. Reward: 330 Bananas/4950 XP

Kedel's Daily Quest - Kedel wants both Arenas destroyed in Marsh Sanctuary. Reward: 396 Bananas/5940 XP

Kedel above the arena in the top middle of the picture.


Kedel's red eyes are considered unusual, as there is no other known monkey that has this eye color.