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You seem like an adventuresome young monkey. I myself am quite boring.

Loch is an archaeologist who resides in The Underbelly in Clock Tower Square. He is also found in The Floating Isles.

Roles In Game[]

He is first seen in The Floating Isles. When you retrieve the blue chest, Loch becomes impressed by your skills. He then wants to test your skills, so he tells you to find 10 Idols in The Floating Isles. After you find the Idols, he tells you that the Idols contain a hidden word and if put together, it may reveal a Monkey King secret. He then tells you to find him in Clock Tower Square if you want to learn more.

He is also seen in Clock Tower Square in The Underbelly, as he states. But he has no quests for you, as they got removed. But when he did have quests for you, it was mainly about searching for Idols in trails and putting them together. At the end of the questline, you are sent to the Forgotten Temple where you find a Light Shard, which is used to craft a Monkey King item, as he states.

He plays a big role in The Return of the Guardian Knights, as he rescues many Guardian Knights from the Forgotten TempleDingy was the first Guardian Knight that Loch found.

Gives Quests[]

Ends Quests[]