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Master Smoke is a Chim Foo master who resides in the Ancient Foo Archive. He is the giver and ender of the questlines, The Statue of the Monkey King and The Riddle of the Monkey King.

Unlike other masters, he is a snake. Due to the Chim Foo's limiting view on sentient creatures that aren't monkeys, it is exceedingly rare for there to be a high-ranking member of the Chim Foo tribe that isn't one.

Gives Quests[]

Ends Quests[]

  • A Mysterious Statue
  • The Riddle of the Monkey King
  • The Second Riddle
  • The Third Riddle


  • When talked to, Master Smoke states that he was once a stranger to the Chim Foo Tribe, but he soon became a master.
  • Master Smoke has an assistant named Wink.