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This page contains information that has been retired in a previous update. The contents of this page may no longer be available to new users. However, they may still be available to users who started to play earlier when this quest was available.

Meet My Captain is the first quest in the tutorial questline, A Larger World (up until April 2013). It is a Crossroads quest.


Pre-Quest Quote

"This is a very important artifact. I will keep it safe. Go see Captain Tyran at the top of the tower and begin your training." -Mayor Bumbee, Clock Tower Square.

Mid-Quest Quote

"You are obviously a monkey with great potential. We'll need your abilities in the battles to come. Please see Captain Tyran for further instructions." -Mayor Bumbee, Clock Tower Square.

End Quote

"The Mayor sent you? Then you've passed the first test." -Captain Tyran, Clock Tower Square.

Quest Statistics

Mayor Bumbee wants you to meet Captain Tyran in Clock Tower Square and start your training.

Number of Monkeys needed: Questx1.png



  • 240 Ico buff experience.png
  • 16 Bananas

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