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Minor Healing Potion
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Obtained by Jitter
Level 01
Price 100 Bananas
Duration 10 seconds
Cool Down Short
Effect Instantly Restores 900 HP

The Minor Healing Potion is a potion that can be bought at Jitter's stall in Monkey Quest. The stall can be found in Crossroads. They may also be obtained by Crafting or finding them in chests. Sometimes, you can even get one by killing shadows. The crafting recipe is very common, and will save you a lot of bananas and time. You can buy Flasks of Pure Water, which are required to craft Minor Healing Potions, for fairly cheap as well as find them in almost every barrel. You can also find the second ingredient, Dandelions, in almost every Crossroad level.


Drink to restore lost hit points!


1 Flask of Pure Water

2 Dandelions