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the Original Founder of the Chim Foo and one of the five companions who aid the Monkey King, Mist.

Mist is the founder of the Chim Foo tribe. She is one of the five companions of the Monkey King before he was killed with a blast of energy.


Mist was a peaceful monkey who aid the Monkey King against Ka and the four other companions. After the Monkey King died, Mist, one of the Monkey King's stealthiest companions, went on her own journey to rebuilt Ook. She found a destroyed land, east in the world of Ook. As she was rebuilding it, she discovered some secrets in the land. After rebuilding the land, she tried to discover more secrets. She meditated and prayed for years until one spring day, Mist found a field of moonflowers. She meditated on the field for weeks. After meditating for a long time, Mist had learned to harness the element of Air. She then decided to call the land the Chim Foo tribe, where monkeys come to learn to be Chim Foo ninjas. Mist taught many monkeys the ways of the Chim Foo, until one day, she died. The monkeys were sad to find out that their grand master had passed on. Grand Master Whisper took her place as the new grand master. She is now remembered by many monkeys.


  • She is a master of air.
  • She was one of the five companions of the Monkey King.
  • It is unknown how she died.
  • Mist was the first Chim Foo Warrior.