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Mist Bathog
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Species Bathog
Found at Throughout Ook
Attack Shoot Rocks
Ability Invisibility
Drops Bathog Ear, Bathog Wing, Bathog Fang

Mist Bathogs are elite mystical mist Shadows that reside primarily in Chim Foo trails. A Scrying Orb is required to defeat one.

Known For[]

  • Special Attack: Shoots two shadow rocks
  • Special Ability: Invisibility
  • Found In: Primary Chim Foo trails
  • Special Crafting Items: Bathog Ear, Bathog Wing, Bathog Fang


Icon Item Rarity
Bathog Ear-0.png
Bathog Ear V2 Rarity Stars 01.png
Bathog Wing.png
Bathog Wing
V2 Rarity Stars 02.png
Bathog Fang.png
Bathog Fang
V2 Rarity Stars 03.png


Other Types[]