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The Monkeys are the inhabitants of Ook. There are five tribes for a Monkey to enter: Mek Tek, Ice Raiders, Ootu Mystics, Sea Dragons, and Chim Foo. You can have up to three monkeys on a single Monkey Quest account. Monkeys can be vendors, warriors, dealers, meanies, or just monkeys. The monkeys' original ruler was the Monkey King.


Rise of the Monkeys

Before the Monkey King's time, monkeys used to just be mindless, regular animals. But when the Monkey King arrived, he helped transform the monkeys into stronger, smarter, and faster warriors. The Monkey King was the first monkey who dared to try new things. He explored all kinds of different regions in Ook. He passed the knowledge he had learned to his fellow monkeys. Because of the Monkey King, the monkeys became civilized and advanced. The monkeys joined together to form a united kingdom, where the Monkey King ruled. But the Monkey King grew bored. He longed for excitement and adventure, and most of all, knowledge. So, to the monkey's dismay, he left his fellow monkeys to explore the regions of Ook.


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The Shadow War

The Monkey King recruited five powerful monkeys to join him. The five monkeys taught him many different skills, and the Monkey King taught them some of his own skills, such as magic. Eventually, a powerful threat would rise from the earth. The Shadow Demon Ka would eventually gain power and return to lay havoc and chaos on Ook. The Monkey King, along with the five monkeys, joined together to fight this ancient evil. Eventually, the Monkey King, being the brave and courageous monkey he is, would make the ultimate sacrifice. In the final battle, the Monkey King generated the greatest amount of power he could muster from his staff and released it in a fiery explosion that shattered Ka into a million shadow shards. But sadly, the blast took the life of the Monkey King. The monkeys of his kingdom cried when they heard the news that their leader was gone. The five monkeys would eventually separate to form the first five tribes of Ook. The monkeys join these tribes, and they grew stronger with the new skills and techniques they learned from the five monkeys, who became the tribe leaders. (See more on The Five Tribes below)

Legacy of the War

Even though Ka is gone, his minions still remain in Ook. Shadow monsters roam the newly formed monkey tribes and make chaos around them. Ka's remains lie all over Ook as shadow shards. There is a large presence of shadow shards in the Shard CavernThere are many powerful shadow monsters, such as Blackflame and Foulbreath the Troll, who wish to revive Ka. But since the monkeys have grown stronger, they can fight these forces of darkness. The five tribes of Ook would grow stronger together and develop new techniques to fend off the growing presence of shadow monsters. And, just as Ka's minions planned, Ka is indeed rising once again. The shadow monster presence grows even stronger every day, and so does Ka's rise. Monkeys say that without the Monkey King, there is no hope. But perhaps, a certain monkey will take the title of the hero of Ook, and stop this evil from destroying the land...

The Five Tribes

The Chim Foo

Chim Foo Monkey

Hi-ya! Monkeys that are part of this sneaky tribe become ninjas, samurais, senseis, and even Grand Masters! The Chim Foo have many powerful masters such as Grand Master Whisper and Master Chi. Chim Foo monkeys tend to be very stealthy, and can almost never be seen. Only the Chim Foo can avoid the Stone Dragon's sharp eyes, especially with the Chim Foo's Invisibility Bomb.

The founder of the Chim Foo Tribe is the legendary Mist, who was one of the five monkeys that joined the Monkey King's expedition. She mastered the element of air and used it to start the Chim Foo, who would control the element of air in their favor. The Chim Foo would fight like the wind and would use the element of surprise and master the form of stealth. Their fighting techniques would flow as smooth as a soft current, but sting like a powerful storm. The Chim Foo would develop many types of useful gear, such as Master Chi's Invisibility Bomb, or the Grappling Hook, or even the legendary Scrying Orb, which can unveil any object hidden to a monkey's eyes. The current leader of the Chim Foo is none other than Grand Master Whisper.

The Sea Dragons

Sea Dragons Monkey

Yarr! Monkeys from this seafaring tribe become pirates, smugglers, captains, and many more! The Sea Dragons have a major obsession with loot, and they tend to hunt for treasure a lot. Some might even steal other pirates' riches! Only the Sea Dragons are well capable of taking a dive into the water and not drowning in mere seconds, thanks to their fancy Water Breathing Potions. The Sea Dragons are also fashionable and functional with their useful gliders, which you can acquire when you join the Sea Dragons tribe!

The founder of this tribe is none other than the plunderin' pirate Captain Dragontail, who was the Monkey King's source of ambition and desire for treasure. Dragontail would go on to start the Sea Dragons tribe, and would recruit many lucky landlubbers to join him in uncovering all kinds of rare booty! The Sea Dragons would master the element of fire, and would develop many different crazy things such as the Boom Bomb, the Glider, and the Fiery Kernel Blaster, which every true Sea Dragon must have! The current leader of the Sea Dragons tribe is the swashbuckling Captain Blacktail.

The Ootu Mystics

Ootu Mystic Monkey

Alakazam! Monkeys from the strange Ootu Mystics Tribe are wizards, warlocks, and many more! These magic monkeys have magical incantation they can harness. They have the ability to connect to the earth which allows then to communicate with spirits! The Ootu have an affinity for brewing potions. Their weapons are powered by the earth, and some can inflict poison on the target! The Ootu Mystics are the only tribe that can get past poisonous vines, thanks to their Mystic Charm, which can make any poisonous vine sink back into the earth. If you ever come across these guys, you should watch out for their Stink Bombs. The founder of this mystical tribe is Mama Ootu, who had a special interest in magic. She founded the Ootu Mystics and developed the use of earth magic. She used this magic to talk to spirits and creatures and make all sorts of potions and weapons. She, along with the help of other monkeys who joined her tribe, created things such as the Mystic Charm, which can be used to manipulate the earth itself. They created the Stink Bomb, which contains powerful earth magic and a foul smell to boot. They also created the extremely useful Healing Staff, which can heal any injury at a fast rate. Many Ootu Mystics have Healing Staffs in their hands in case they ever get into a pinch. The current leader of the Ootu Mystics tribe is Mama Babu.

The Ice Raiders

The founder of the Ice Raiders, who is wearing a Viking helmet.

Brrrr! The frosty Ice Raiders monkeys are very brave, and they can be Vikings, Daredevils, and many more! These daring Vikings are the bravest monkeys in Ook. There is never a day where they would retreat from a battle. They have learned to adapt to their icy habitat, which enables them to control the element of Ice. They are extremely talented snowboarders, and they race each other with their snowboards all the time! It also helps then get past fragile chunks of ice.

The founder of this daredevil tribe is Grapp, who was braver and fiercer than a tiger. He was the original Viking and daredevil, and also had a strange passion for snowboarding and ice. He founded the Ice Raiders tribe and recruited brave adventurous monkeys to his cause. He taught them snowboarding, which became very popular in the tribe, especially since the tribe was on an icy mountain called the Peaks of Z'or. The Ice Raiders created special snowboards that can easily move on a slippery slope to get past those fragile ice paths. The Ice Raiders also made weapons, such as battle axes and throwing axes. They created frost armor that can withstand even the most extreme of cold temperature. When Grapp passed away, the Ice Raiders set a snowboarding contest to determine the new leader of the Ice Raiders. A monkey named Sigthor won, and he is the current leader of the Ice Raiders tribe. Eventually, Ka's rise would also bring the rise of a sinister new enemy named Foulbreath the Troll, who would wreak havoc on the tribe. The beast was defeated and sealed away by some powerful monkeys, but many Ice Raiders fear that Foulbreath's reign of terror is not over yet.

The Mek-Tek

The Founder of Mek-Tek, who appears to be wearing a helmet, goggles, and a scarf.

Get the screwdriver! The inventive Mek-Tek are expert craftsmen. They are highly intelligent. They are also very cooperative. They are the creators of the most wondrous things in Ook, such as the Clock Tower Square. Teamwork is very important to the Mek-Tek, as it helps them built many amazing things. The Mek-Tek tribe was founded by Trunket, who was the greatest mechanic of his time. He founded the Mek-Tek and recruited smart and crafty monkeys to the tribe. The Mek-Tek are based mainly on cooperation and teamwork. This is most likely a moral that Trunket learned from his time with the Monkey King and the other tribe leaders.

At some point, the Mek-Tek went to Crossroads and built the well-known Clock Tower Square, which is the center of the Crossroads. It is rumored that the Mek-Tek have developed a set of Blazing Dragon Plate Armor, which is said to rival the armor of the other tribes. It is also rumored that the Mek-Tek have developed some form or use of lightning or electricity, as shown in the Sea Dragons' Horn of Heroism, which represents ten symbols (in pairs). The symbols are a snowflake, a leaf, a swirl of wind, fire, and a lightning bolt, possibly indicating that the Mek-Tek specialized in some form of lightning, although this has not been confirmed. The Mek-Tek are rumored to be built around a volcano, where Lava Spirits attack their base (according to Wijit, the tribe ambassador). Not much is known about the Mek-Tek, as they were never released into the game. It is unknown who took Trunket's spot as the tribe leader after he passed away.