Monkey King
The Monkey King was the original ruler of the land of Ook.


The Monkey King's true name is unknown. He taught every monkey to become stronger, smarter, and more brave (see video below for more info). He seemed to be one of the few smart and competent monkeys before the other monkeys evolved to become more intelligent. He seemed to be immensly powerful, as he was able to wield enough power to blast Ka to pieces (sacrificing himself in the process). The Monkey King is praised by the monkeys of Ook every day, and many monkeys strive to become as great as he once was.

Flying Monkey King

The Monkey King's legacy lives in through the tribes of Ook. After his death, his companions started the five tribes that would carry on the teachings of the Monkey King to all monkeys of Ook. In the Mountain Shrine in the Chim Foo tribe, there is a statue of the Monkey King that chants strange riddles with vague meanings.


  • On April 1, 2013, they stated that the Monkey King has been seen in Ook, which ended up being an April Fools prank.


Monkey quest the monkey king-0

Monkey quest the monkey king-0