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The Monkey King was the original ruler of the land of Ook.


The Monkey King's true name is unknown. He taught ancient monkeys to become stronger, smarter, and braver, as well as allowing his people to live more civilized lives. He was one of the few smart and competent monkeys before the other monkeys grew to be greater in intelligence. He was immensely powerful, as he was able to wield enough power to blast Ka to pieces, sacrificing himself in the process. The Monkey King is praised by the monkeys of Ook every day, and many strive to become as great as he once was.

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Monkeys are known to live to very old ages. Unfortunately for the Monkey King, his life was cut short due to a necessary sacrifice to keep Ka and his shadow monsters at bay. During a great battle between the Monkey King and Ka, the Monkey King was swallowed by the shadow demon. Seeing an opportunity, the Monkey King decided to summon all of his power and might to destroy Ka, killing himself in the process.

Ka was weakened tremendously, yet he proved to be stronger. Ka and his shadow army still live on and continue to terrorize Ook. The Monkey King's sacrifice was not futile, however, as Ka will remain enfeebled for eternity, or until he dies or is killed.


The Monkey King's legacy lives in through the tribes of Ook. After his death, his companions started the five tribes that would carry on the teachings of the Monkey King to all monkeys in Ook. There are monkeys that strive to find more information on the Monkey King, such as archaeologists and spiritualists.


  • On April 1, 2013, Terod (unbeknownst to quest-goers at the time) stated that the Monkey King had been seen in Ook, which ended up being an April Fools' prank.
  • A statue of the Monkey King, found at the Mountain Shrine, chants strange riddles with vague meanings.