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Although no cinematic or animated adaptation of Monkey Quest exists, the option was considered by Nickelodeon for some time. This article is an overview of known information.


In 2012, Paramount Pictures had plans to create films based on existing Nickelodeon IPs (both being owned by Viacom, now ViacomCBS). A Variety article from August that year tells us:

To start filling a pipeline, Paramount chief Brad Grey is turning to sister division Nickelodeon to supply much of the IP. Though development has not begun yet, possible Nickelodeon products that could be turned into films include “Dora the Explorer,” “The Legend of Korra” and “Monkey Quest.”[1]
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Although nothing in this article implies a Monkey Quest movie was given much thought, a Brazilian fan site features a post discussing rumors about the film. In it, the writer presents a screenshot of an interaction they had with the Monkey Quest Twitter account.[2]

The mention of a ‘creative process’ is significant, as it proves that Paramount and Nick did explore the possibility further. Nevertheless, that process seems to have ended fairly quickly, as evidence exists of another Monkey Quest adaptation that was in the works.

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