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Ootu Mystics



Mama Ootu

Current Leader

Mama Babu

Entrance Location

Fire Canyon Highway

The Ootu Mystics are one of the five tribes of Ook.

If you venture into the Swamps of Misery, you'd better be friends with the Ootu Mystics. They know every stump like the backs of their hands and are on good terms with many of the spirits that inhabit these shrouded glades.

The Ootu Mystics Tribe is located in the southwest region of the world of Ook. The 4 other tribes are Sea DragonsChim FooMek Tek, and Ice Raiders. Their tribe entrance is found at Fire Canyon Highway.

Their main trail in Ootu Mystics is the Swamp of Misery. There are 8 trails in the Ootu Mystics questline (9 if you count Whispering Spirits). The following are the trails in the questline: 

Mushroom HollowThe Deep SwampsThe Spider Cave, The Giant TreeDriftwood VillageMarsh SanctuaryMoss Temple, and The Underground River. Whispering Spirits is the tribe's starter trail.

There are 3 Market Places in the Ootu Mystics, which are Mystic PlazaCauldron Keep, and Bog Bazaar. The Enemies that are native from Ootu Mystics are Bathogs, Orchids, and Rachnoids.

The quests in the Ootu storyline are important because they teach you how to craft Stink BombsPotions of Shielding, and Elixirs of Life.

For reaching the Ootu Mystics tribe, Ghanee will give you the Mystic Charm, the Mystic Flytrap Staff and the Apprentice Mystic Top Hat. These can be found in your backpack.

Their ancient armor is the Venom Plate Armor.

The Ootu harness the element of Earth.

You receive these three gifts for reaching the Ootu Mystics Tribe!


Mama Ootu, the Founder Of The Ootu Mystics

After the Monkey King sacrificed his life to defeat Ka, Mama Ootu, one of the Monkey King's companions, went on a journey to find a piece of Ook to rebuild. What she found was a land that she called the Ootu Mystics tribe. She learned to harness the element of earth at the Ootu Mystics tribe, and so did other monkeys. The tribe was peaceful until Mama Ootu died. The monkeys had no choice but to elect a new leader, and so Mama Babu took her place. The tribe regained their peace once again until Ka returned and woke up many monsters in the tribe. Because of the monsters, Mama Ootu wasn't able to rest, so now her spirit still lurks in the Deep Swamps.



The ootu Mystics map.


  • The Ootu Mystics logo displays a Monkey head with swamp gas leaking behind it. This is relating to the swampy appearance of the areas in Ootu.
  • The name Ootu may be a play on the word Voodoo, which is a type of curse.
  • The Ootu Mystics tribe is the monkey tribe that is most knowledgeable about Potions and Crafting.
  • The Ootu Mystics also has the most arenas (two for each one, excluding The Spider Cave, which only has one arena) than any other tribe in Monkey Quest.