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Pincer Fragment.png

Pincer Fragments are crafting items used in tailoring and alchemy. They are the most minor form of all pincer crafting items, the middle one being a Pincer Shell and the highest being a Pincer Claw. These are obtained from defeating Pincers, found in Canon Corral in the Crossroads, or found on any Sea Dragons trail. They are most commonly dropped by pincers between level 5 and 20, but any level of pincer has a chance of dropping it. Magma, Moss, Mist and Shadow pincers can also drop these. Below is a list of the different things you can craft with them.

1 Fortune Hunter Pants + 8 Linen Scraps + 3 Pincer Fragments = Treasure Hunter Pants
5 Oak Branches + 3 Copper Nuggets + 3 Pincer Fragments = Oak Guardian Earrings
12 Copper Nuggets + 5 Pincer Fragments + 5 Leather Scraps = Antique Diving Helmet
1 Flask of Pure Water + 3 Mud Pies + 1 Pincer Fragment = Potion of Shielding