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Quests are given by NPCs (Non-Player Characters). They are the best way of leveling up. Look for monkeys that have an exclamation mark over their head. A gray exclamation mark means the NPC will have quests available, but they aren't ready yet, so check back later. A yellow exclamation mark means that NPC has a quest ready for you to do.

To get a new quest, stand next to the NPC and use the interact key. A window will appear showing you the details of the quest, including the quest name, description, and reward. After you accept a quest, the exclamation mark will become a gray question mark. If you ever need a reminder of the quest's details, open your map and click the magnifying glass icon next to the quest.

When you complete the quest, that NPC's question mark will become a yellow question mark, and you can return to collect your reward.

Main Quests

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Main Quests are part of the main Storyline of Monkey Quest. Main Quests are you main source of leveling up and exploring more of Ook. Main Quests revolve around the main plot of the game.

Secondary Quests

Secondary Quests are optional quests. They are a good way of leveling up when you are stuck on a main quest. Secondary Quests are quests that come from random NPCs that you don't have to accept.

Multiplayer Quests

Multiplayer Quests are optional quests that require other monkeys to complete. Multiplayer Quests are like secondary quests, you don't have to accept them, but they require a certain party of monkeys. They can be a good way of earning extra bananas, since you get more bananas with other monkeys in your area.

Daily Quests

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Some quest givers offer special quests that can be accepted once each day. You can complete these daily quests many times to collect their rewards. They are a good way to level up and earn more bananas. There are some secondary quests that lead to daily quests.