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Poison Spider 01.png
Species Rachnoid
Found at Ootu Mystic and Crossroad Trails
Attack Charge or Shoot
Ability Faster Charge
Drops Rachnoid Silk

Rachnoids are spider-like enemies that reside in Ootu Mystics trails and some Crossroads trails.


  • Attacks: Charge or shooting poison
  • Some Rachnoids spawn on ceilings and shoot from there, however, they cannot move
  • Special Crafting Items: Rachnoid Leg, Rachnoid Silk
  • Located normally in Ootu Mystic trails and higher-leveled Crossroads trails

Other Types[]

  • Zombie Rachnoid
  • Moss Rachnoid
  • Magma Rachnoid
  • Mist Rachnoid
  • Shadow Rachnoid

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