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This article is about the creature, Razorwing. You may be looking for the quest, Razorwing.
Razorwing (Creature)
Screen Shot 2011-08-20 at 11.40.41 AM.png
Species Bombird
Found at Lantern Ridge (Chim Foo)
Attack Drops 3 Watermelons
Ability Fly
Drops Shadow Orb/Bombird Beak/Bombird Claw/

Razorwing is a Shadow Bombird. He is part of The Great Shadow Hunt Event. To get the quest to fight him, you must be Level 25 and you have to complete the quest, Reporting In, then go speak to Nodax in Iron Mountain Highway. Razorwing is a Level 25 mini-boss.


Razorwing was once a bombird that was loyal to Ook. But when Ka returned, he was one of the loyal creatures that fell into the darkness and became a shadow creature. Not long after that he became a minion of Blackflame. Razorwing, Blackflame, and Blackflame's minions were all defeated by some brave monkeys, but then Razorwing was resurrected by Blackflame after Blackflame rose once again.


Razorwing is hard to hit for two reasons. One, an elite bombird is guarding him. Destroy it before you go for Razorwing. Two, Razorwing is flying above an invisible rope, and the nearby platform is too high to shoot him with a range weapon. Make sure to use your Scrying Orb so the rope will be visible. Then jump on the platform. When Razorwing is flying the other way, jump down and shoot. It will stop in its tracks and drop three watermelons. While he is dropping watermelons, he will not be moving, giving you the perfect opportunity to attack. But don't let your Scrying Orb effect run out. When the duration timer is about to run out, jump on the platform and use your Scrying Orb again. Then, keep doing the same thing.


Razorwing is bigger than a normal bombird, with a distinct shade of purple. His beak is a lighter purple, with sharp teeth. He has some sort of scales near his blue evil-looking eye. His claw-feet are the same color as his beak. His wings are half-light purple, half-dark purple, with a very small hint of red. In the picture, he doesn't seen that big, but in the game, he is quite big.


  • Razorwing was added to the game along with the release of the Great Shadow Hunt Event.
  • Razorwing is the first of four bosses that you fight in the event.
  • Razorwing resembles a standard Shadow Bombird. The only distinct feature he has is that his name is titled above him.