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Rippin' Rocket Blaster
Rippin' Rokcet Blaster.png
Obtained by NC Mall
Level 03
Price 150 NickCash, Free (2012)
Weapon Type Blaster (Ranged)
Attack Speed Medium
Range Long
Cool Down Short
Tribe Element Sea Dragons
V2 Rarity Stars 02.png
Bound Bound

The Rippin' Rocket Blaster is a weapon that can be purchased at the NC Mall.


  • It was released for free as part of a giveaway to celebrate American Independence Day. The giveaway started on June 25, 2012, and ended later in July.
  • It was featured as a giveaway item in 2012 summertime advertisements for Monkey Quest.
  • A members-only banana version of the item was released after the November 2013 update, called the Firework Blaster. (Note: it is currently unknown if the Rippin' Rocket Blaster was removed afterwards)

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