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A monkey inside rosy's reef viewing a Magma Crawler.

Rosy's Reef is a Sea Dragons trail in Monkey Quest.

Rosy the Whale has a big appetite, and doesn’t think twice about consuming anything and everything in the great blue sea. Fish, ships, and precious treasures are just a few of this whale’s favorite courses.

Trail Statistics[]

Trail Access Point: Razor Bay

Trail Recommended Levels: 20-25

Idols: 10

Trail Quests[]

Stomach Ache  - Rosy The Whale needs you to find the cause of her pain in Rosy's Reef. Reward: 370 Bananas/5550 XP & Hardtack's Earrings OR Pirate's Medic Trousers

A Jab in the Crab Jonas wants you to defeat the Mist Pincer in Rosy's Reef. Reward: 320 Bananas/4800 XP

The Ultimate Treasure  - Jonas needs you to find the Dragon Key in Rosy's Reef and then find The Ultimate Treasure. Reward: 437 Bananas/6562 XP

Tips & Hints[]

Unfriendly Waters -  Rosy feeds on everything in her path, good and bad. Be on your guard when swimming through the water she’s gobbled down. Many Trawlers were taken in whole, and continue to fight any monkeys swimming through their territory. Just be sure not to run into any underwater spikes while doing so.

Stick Together Now! -  Rosy’s a big whale with a big appetite. While it’s fun to explore and go in every direction, try to stick together for a better chance against some of the bigger monsters that survived the feeding. If you take a wrong turn into a hallway with an angry Magma Pincer, you’ll want your friends there for backup!


  • Although Rosy devoured many shadow creatures, it is unknown how she has not been corrupted by the shadows.
  • The Shadow Spinefish Darkfin lives in Rosy.
  • It's unknown why there are spikes in Rosy's Reef.
  • The whale is 100 times bigger than a monkey.