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Shadow Cragcrawler
Shadow Cragcrawler.jpg
Species Cragcrawler
Found at Elite Trails
Attack Charge
Drops Cragcrawler Tooth/Cragcrawler Scale/Shadow Orb

The Shadow Cragcrawler is a mini-boss in Monkey Quest.


The Shadow Cragcrawler is normally found past gated areas, mostly with co-op switches. Sometimes they are found in arenas. Some are heavily guarded by elite monsters, such as Magma Bathogs, Magma Crawlers, and so on. Some are found in their own areas past gates and they usually unlock rewards if defeated.


The Shadow Cragcrawler is much bigger than a normal Cragcrawler. It has scaly skin and big horns and even wings! Though it doesn't seem to use them.

Tips On Defeating It[]

The Shadow Cragcrawler can tend to be hard to defeat, since they are found in their own personal area. One way to deal a big amount of damage to the Shadow Cragcrawler is to go far away from it but still in range to shoot with a ranged weapon. Then shoot it non-stop until it comes to you. When it comes to you, jump and super stomp it. You may take some damage in the process though. But if there is a rope above where you are shooting, then jump on the rope when the Shadow Cragcrawler comes to you. While it's growling, you can super stomp it, or if you want to deal more damage to it, get close above it and air-swing with your melee weapon.


  • There used to be a Shadow Cragcrawler at the end of Blimp Ridge, but it got replaced by a Magma Crawler. When players defeated it they would receive a golden slingshot as a reward. (Magma Crawler was later removed from Blimp Ridge, leaving no mini-boss at the end of Blimp Ridge.)
  • In the May 2014 update, a Shadow Cragcrawler was added to the Ninja Scout Trail. It is found at the end of the trail.