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Shadow Cragcrawler getting ready to attack

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Shadow Monsters are the minions of Ka and are the main enemies of the game. They are found in most trails. These sinister creatures do their job every day, which is to wreak havoc in the innocent world of Ook. If it weren't for the brave monkeys and the influence of the Monkey King, Ook would have fallen to these terrible beasts. Every day these creatures would relentlessly invade certain areas of Ook, leaving destruction and terror in their path. That leaves only the brave and strong monkeys of Ook to take on the restless and growing army of Shadow Monsters.


Shadow Beasts are heartless, hostile and destructive beasts that roam Ook and attack all monkeys that get near them. They attack with brute force and with projectiles like fire and spikes. Some of them seem to resemble animals in real life, such as the Bombird and the Pincer. Some shadow beasts are also linked to Spawners, which can regenerate defeated shadow beasts. Spawners mainly appear in Arenas, which if activated, spawn multiple monsters to attack. These beasts seem to thrive from extreme conditions, such as heat and toxic environments. Their most distinct color is purple, as seen in the image above with the Shadow Cragcrawler.


  • Some shadow monsters have spawners near them of which if you kill, the spawner will not respawn the shadow monsters anymore.
  • The strongest shadow monsters reside in Magma Citadel.
  • Ka is supposedly the leader of the Shadow Monsters. His species is a "Shadow Demon". It is unknown if there are other Shadow Demons that exist in the world of Ook.
  • It is unknown if these beasts were created by Ka, or if they were once innocent creatures that were corrupted by Ka, as there have been creatures in Ook that have been corrupted by Ka.
  • Considering that Ka is responsible for the appearance of these creatures, it is unknown if Ka's true destruction would result in the disappearance of these monsters.
  • It is unknown why the Arena acts as an anchor of power for the Shadow Monsters, or what the arena is supposed to resemble.
  • It can be speculated that the true weakness of the Shadow Monsters is light, as it was the Monkey King's light staff that destroyed Ka in the Shadow War.