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The Skull Cove is a Sea Dragons trail in Monkey Quest.

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Many Sea Dragons have disappeared into the Skull Cove, never to be seen again. The lengthy and serpentine underwater corridors are an ideal hiding spot – if you can manage to make it out alive after stashing your treasures. The twists and turns have confounded the most intrepid would-be explorers caught in this submerged maze. It takes more than a deep breath to make it out alive from this trail.

Trail Info[]

  • Level Required: 25-30
  • Trail Access Point: Razor Bay
  • Idols: 10

Trail Enemies[]

Trail Quests[]

Quest Name Quest NPC Description Quest Rewards
Fighting Like a Sea Dragon - Part 2 Ironfoot Ironfoot wants you to defeat the Shadow Pincer in Skull Cove. 290 Bananas & 4350 XP
Lighting the Courage Captain Blacktail Captain Blacktail needs you to find 3 Differently Colored Gloworms in Skull Cove. 300 Bananas & 4500 XP
Guilty or Innocent Lucky Lucky needs you to defeat 25 Monsters in Skull Cove. 280 Bananas, 4200 XP & Fiery Bandana OR Head Band of Healing
Shadow Claw Chantey Chantey wants you to defeat the Shadow Pincer in Skull Cove. 330 Bananas & 4950 XP
Purge Skull Cove Twigg Twigg needs you to defeat 15 Crawlers or Pincers in Skull Cove. 290 Bananas, 4350 XP & Leather Hide OR Refined Garlic OR Iron Nugget
The 5th Idol Twigg Twigg wants you to find the Small Wooden Idol in Skull Cove. 290 Bananas, 4350 XP & Crimson Cape OR Reinforced Swashbuckler Bandana
Escort the Goodies Ghanee Ghanee the Alligator wants you to deliver the Stolen Package to Jolt in Skull Cove. 300 Bananas, 4500 XP

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Hints & Tips[]

Name Description
Glug Glug It's all too easy to run short of breath exploring the underwater passages in Skull Cove. In fact, there's no chance of surviving unless your monkey makes sure to bring along a Water Breathing Potion. Stock up and keep a close eye on the timer in the upper-left of the screen. Remember: your monkey sinks like a stone when consuming the potion underwater.

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