Monkey Quest Wiki
Monkey Quest Snowberg.png
Species Spiker
Found at Viking Warrior Trail
Attack Shoots Spikes
Ability Icy aura that slows you down

Hides in the ground to to avoid damage

Drops Ice Vermin Feet

Snowberg is an elite enemy that resides in the Viking Warrior Trail in the Ice Raiders tribe. It is an elite variant of a Spiker.


  • Attack: Pops out of the ground and shoots icicles at you
  • Special Ability: It has an icy aura, which if you get too close to, it will freeze you
  • Strength: Hides in the ground, being invulnerable to attacks
  • Weakness: Becomes vulnerable when it pops up to attack you
  • Weakness: Range Weapons
  • Very similar to Spicicle, since both are spikers and both have an icy aura
  • Found In Viking Warrior Trail