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Press the right/left arrow key twice to use the snowboard

Snowdrift Hills is the Ice Raiders starter trail.

Fun-seeking monkeys love to visit these hills, where there is always a fresh layer of powdery snow. 


Oswik can also be found here, he asks you to light the torch at the top of the Hills.

Tips and Tricks[]


Snowdrift Hills has only one type of enemy. Spikers will burrow underground and pop up to shower you with spikes. Wait for them to pop up and slingshot them before they fire their spikes. You can also jump on walruses to get higher or you can float on the geysers. Wherever you see a snowboard symbol, you can press left or right twice to glide on your snowboard. This allows you to get past the fragile ice that will break if you crawl on it.

S-so c-cold!

There are also melting icicles hanging from the ceilings. If you get hit by a water droplet you will freeze. Press space bar rapidly to break free of the ice. To avoid the droplets be sure to time your movements carefully.