Monkey Quest Wiki
Evil Tiki 01.png
Species Spawner
Found at Arenas and trails
Attack None
Ability Summoning Enemies to attack
Drops None (However, completing the arena gives loot)

Spawner(s) are stationary support enemies in Monkey Quest.


Spawners are somewhat common, as they are found in many of the trails in Ook, including the "easier" ones such as Blimp Ridge. The difficulty of flunctuates greatly depending on the spawner, as the only "attack" a spawner can use is spawning, as one would expect from its name, other monsters agianst the players. Spawners mainly occur inside Arenas, where they must be destroyed, along with the monsters, to conquer the arena. Because spawners are stationary, there are many techniques for destroying them, and some might not work in certain scenarios. The most common are: super stomping on them continuously, as they have a hitbox that you can stand on, shooting at them from a level platform at a distance, or slashing them with a melee weapon. More advanced players returning to trails for experience or items may choose to "farm" the spawners, but this can not be done indefinitely nor automatically (keeping something heavy on a hotkey) as eventually the spawner will stop working, and at this point, you would have to exit and reenter the trail to reset the spawner.


Spawners have two states. The first state, the "unactivated" or "dormant" state, looks like a floating pale, rugged stone with two greyish-purple triangles and dark purple crystalline formations on it. This state occurs only in unactivated arenas, and you can not interact with it in any way besides using it's hitbox. The second state is the active state. This looks like the same floating stone, but with more defined evil-looking facial features. The triangles, now glowing purple, are the spawner's eyes, and the crystals sharp, leaning teeth, giving the spawner a sinister look. When activating (by interacting with the statue in the arena's center), the spawners appear to laugh.