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Monkey Quest Spiderling.png
Species Spider
Found at Noogo Village, The Floating Isles, Blimp Ridge, Rachnok's Lair
Attack Shoots Poison

Spiderlings are the most common enemy found across Noogo Village and Rachnok's Lair. They can be summoned by Rachnok the Giant Spider.

Roles In Game[]

Spiderlings are first fought in Noogo Village in the quest, Shadow Assault. They are invading the peaceful town, and it's up to you to stop them. Your main goal is to defeat 8 Spiderlings with your new Trainer Weapon. A Spiderling appears again at The Floating Isles, next to the portal to Blimp Ridge. Many Spiderlings reside in Blimp Ridge. In the first Blimp Ridge arena, Spiderlings appear and capture Zipp you have to defeat them in order to save him. In Rachnok's Lair, many Spiderlings appear. In the fight with Rachnok, he summons many Spiderlings.

Tips & Hints[]

Spiderlings have many weakness. One is that when they see you, they stop for a while, then they shoot. When they stop, that's the perfect time to hit them. Another weakness is that they can be defeated in one hit. Their only strength is that they are really accurate when they shoot poison at you. Like all monsters, they can damage you if you get too close to them. They aren't really considered dangerous at the start of your journey of Monkey Quest, but later on, they are.