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Species Spinefish
Found at Water locations
Attack Bite
Ability Swims faster
Drops Spinefish Scale, Spinefish Eye, and Spinefish Lantern? (verify)

Spinefish are corrupted monsters that reside in Sea Dragon Trails or other water locations, such as parts of Soggy Creek.

Known For[]


Icon Item Rarity
Spinefish Scale.png
Spinefish Scale V2 Rarity Stars 01.png
Spinefish Eye.png
Spinefish Eye
V2 Rarity Stars 02.png
Spinefish Lantern maybe.png
Spinefish Lantern (verify)
V2 Rarity Stars 03.png

Other Types[]


  • There are two types of spinefish: Red and aqua. Red spinefish are colored red and aqua spinefish have large white stripes around its body.