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The Chim Foo Rooftops is a Chim Foo trail in Monkey Quest.

After the first monkeys ascended the trees of Ook, it was only a matter of time before their homes would climb even higher. The Chim Foo frequently travel along the Rooftops to practice their agility and take in the fresh night air. From the heights of these perches, they can survey their neighbors with a watchful eye. Don't forget to look up, or you risk running into one of the many Bombirds that also make their home at these heights.

Trail Info

Trail Access Point: Jade Mountain

Trail Recommended Levels: 5-10

Idols: 10


Trail Enemies

  • Rock Crawlers
  • Bombirds
  • Bathogs
  • Magma Dragon
  • Spawners
  • Shadow Dragon


The Four Virtues -  Wisp wants you to learn about the Chim Foo virtues by studying the Statues of Virtues in The Chim Foo Rooftops. Reward: 100 Bananas/1500 XP & Novice Ninja Pants

Wisp’s TestWisp wants you to find a Chopstick in the Chim Foo Rooftops. Reward: 100 Bananas/1500 XP & Lavender Blossom Tail Ring

Origami for HaruHaru wants you to find the Origami Paper Crane on the Chim Foo Rooftops. Reward: 100 Bananas/1500 XP & Key Lime Pie

Happy Foosday -  Miko wants you to put a Lucky Coin in each of the 5 Mailboxes in the Chim Foo Rooftops. Reward: 100 Bananas/1500 XP

Magical Smoke -  Collect some Magical Smoke on the Chim Foo Rooftops. Then, use it at the Monkey King Statue in Mountain Shrine. Reward: 120 Bananas/1800 XP

Haru's Daily Quest -  Haru needs you to touch the Magical Chopsticks and recharge the magic leaking from the Statue of Mastery at the Chim Foo Rooftops. Reward: 100 Bananas/1500 XP

Tips & Hints

Yes, We Cannon -  The Chim Foo have amassed some impressive firepower in their stronghold. You'll find cannons scattered about, but they aren't for waging war. The agile Chim Foo save time getting around by firing themselves out of cannons, and you can, too! Simply walk up to the cannon and hop in. Use the arrow keys to aim and hold the spacebar to set the power. Don't hesitate! There's a 5-second fuse ticking away.

Dragon It Out -  This trail's Arena introduces a new minion of Ka to face off against. The serpentine Shadow Dragon is a powerful foe, capable of belching searing hot flames. Cross over the top to first take out its Spawner. After that, wait until it moves as far away from you as possible before attacking. You should have no problem avoiding its attacks at this range.