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The Floating Isles in 2011.

The Floating Isles is a Crossroads trail.

Don’t look down – there’s nothing there! Strange magical forces within Ook have made it possible for these lush islands to hang in thin air. Get a good grip on those ropes, and watch your step for angry Rock Crawlers and Bathogs. Most importantly, bring your friends along when entering the perilous Arena!

Trail Statistics

  • Trail Access Point: Crossroad Path
  • Trail Recommended Levels: 1-4
  • Quest Required: Seeking Help or Becoming A Warrior (2014)
  • Exclusive Quest Items: Shard Dust (2011), Confetti Cannon (2014)
  • Idols: 10

Trail Enemies


  • Tulup
  • Dragonfly Scouts (2013/2014)
  • Loch (2014)

Updates, Additions, and Changes

The Floating Isles is one of the most frequently updated trails. From 2011 to 2014, it was majorly changed 4 times. There was a major change approximately every year. Due to the mass changes, it is only appropriate to show the level through each year.


The 2014 updates of the Floating Isles brought the last major overhaul to the trail. Nearly everything was changed, besides the entrance to the fortress and the arena. However, like the 2013 version, there was plenty of dangerously high platforming.

Like with nearly other trails in 2014, all of the loot tables had been changed. Among the changes included bananas being found in chests along with crafting items for plate armor.


The Floating Isles was changed in 2013 due to the Rachnok update. All beginner trails were updated for his story-line. The previous Floating Isles wasn't altered heavily, with the biggest additions being the scattered spiderwebs, elevated platforming, and a new puzzle.

Tulup had been positioned closer to the start of the trail, and frog bouncers were used in place of regular bouncers.

Spiderlings were added to the level, reminding older users of 2011's Rachnoids. However, compared to 2011, the Spiderlings were quite weak, with only requiring about one hit from very low leveled monkeys.


Out of all the versions of the Floating Isles, 2012's rendition had been around the longest. Unlike 2011, the 2012 version was made with simplicity, ease, and arguably enjoyment in mind. It was built to be an introduction into the Crossroads and Ook as a whole to young monkeys.

2012 Quests

2012 Loot


Item Obtained
Copper Nugget Instantly
Oak Branch Instantly
Linen Scrap Instantly
Cracked Shadow Shard Instantly
Garlic Instantly
Aloe Instantly
Soggy Mud Pie Instantly
Dandelions Instantly
Shiny Red Apple Item Wheel
Cotton Thread Item Wheel
Silk Thread Item Wheel
Ancient Guardian Fragment Item Wheel
Flask of Pure Water Item Wheel
Invisibility Dust Item Wheel
Coconut Shell Item Wheel
Aged Guardian Fragment Item Wheel

Green Chest

Item Obtained
Minor Healing Potion Instantly
Minor Glyph of Defense Instantly
Plain Brown Shirt Instantly
Plain Tan Shirt Instantly


Item Obtained
Red Clown Nose Item Wheel
Zany Clown Pants Item Wheel
Oak Branch Item Wheel
Chestnut Item Wheel
Garlic Item Wheel
Ginger Item Wheel
Unknown Name Item Wheel

Blue Chest (Puzzle)

Item Obtained
Minor Healing Potion Instantly
Minor Glyph of Defense Instantly
Jaunty Black Mustache Item Wheel
Jaunty Gray Mustache Item Wheel
Wacky Detective Shirt Item Wheel
Blue Shorts Item Wheel
Plain Brown Shirt Item Wheel
Plain Tan Shirt Item Wheel
Plain Tan Pants Item Wheel
Plain Red Pants Item Wheel
Jungle Trooper Coconut Helmet Item Wheel
Coconut Helmet Item Wheel
Purple Mek Tek Work Pants Item Wheel
Tribal Tail Feathers Item Wheel


The Floating Isles was first introduced on Monkey Quest's day of release. Up until early 2012, it had a more maze-like structure. The enemies were generally more powerful and there was more vertical terrain.

Upon first being accessible, the trail had fairly different quests, conforming to 2011's tutorial. This was changed later in 2011, and the quests weren't altered much further until 2013. The trail was also recommended for monkeys leveled 1-5 instead of the lowered 1-4 later in the game.

2011 Quests

  • Dragonflies - Flit wants you to collect 3 Dragonflies at The Floating Isles. Reward: 300 Ico buff experience.png / 20 Bananas
  • Finding a New Shard - Kama wants you to destroy the Arena in The Floating Isles. Reward: 600 Ico buff experience.png / 40 Bananas
  • Targets and Switches - Wijit wants you to test her Mechanisms. Use the different Switches to get to the Green Chest in The Floating Isles. Reward: 450 Ico buff experience.png / 30 Bananas
  • Jeet's Map - Jeet wants you to confirm the location of 5 Idols he hasn't yet found in The Floating Isles. Reward: 450 Ico buff experience.png / 30 Bananas
  • Harvest, Baby, Harvest! - Loch needs you to defeat 2 Rock BoomBugs and gather 4 Mini Shards in the Floating Isles. Reward: 300 Ico buff experience.png / 20 Bananas
  • Burn, Baby, Burn! (Daily) - Loch needs you to defeat 5 Rock BoomBugs and gather 5 Mini Shards in the Floating Isles and destroy them at the forge in Guardian’s Keep.
  • Tulup's Daily Quest - Tulup wants you to destroy 5 barrels in The Floating Isles. Reward: 300 Ico buff experience.png / 20 Bananas

Trail Quests (2013 - 2014)

Tips & Hints

Ouch! That Stings! - When you stumble upon any spiked balls, stop for a moment and watch their movement pattern. Use the environment to travel around them and avoid getting pricked!

The Arena - Think you’ve got what it takes to survive the deadly Arena? Watch for openings on either side to get the jump on the Spawners. Take them out first, then clear the remaining creatures and reap the rewards!

Spitting Mad - The Rachnoids crawling on the floor and ceilings don't directly serve the evil Ka, but these native monsters sure are surly around monkeys. Be careful around them! Their poisonous spit weakens you over time. (2011)


  • There were multiple loot tables for the same chests.