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The Four Virtues is the first quest of the questline, Wisp's Test (Questline)

PreQuest Quote:

"Ka's Shadow Monsters have been attacking and messing everything up. If you wanna help me, you better learn about the Four Chim Foo virtues so you don't stick out like a straight banana. Visit the Virtue Statues and study the inscriptions" - Wisp


Quest Giver:

Giver Location:


Wisp wants you to Study the Inscriptions on the 4 Statues Of The Chim Foo Virtues on The Chim Foo Rooftops.

  • Study the Statue Of Courage
  • Study the Statue Of Stealth
  • Study the Statue Of Intuition
  • Study the Statue Of Mastery
  • Return of Wisp

Quest Ender:

End Quest Quote:

"The four Statues you found represent intuition, stealth, courage, and mastery! A Chim Foo Master possesses all these traits." - Wisp


  • 2400 XP
  • 108Bananas

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