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Beware, fellow monkeys! When you visit this gargantuan gorilla, you must always bring a marshmallow. You have been warned!

The Volcano Lair is a Crossroads Trail in Monkey Quest.

Generations ago, superstitious monkeys feared and worshipped Ook's volcano as an awesome force of nature. To stay in the volcano's good graces, they built an elaborate, temple construct. When Ka and his monsters cast their long shadow on the land, no amount prayer or sacrifice had any effect. Disillusioned, the monkeys abandoned the area. Today, it is now home to a gargantuan gorilla with a craving for marshmallows.

Trail Statistics

Trail Enemies

  • Cragcrawlers
  • Magma Cragcrawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Magma Bathogs
  • Spawners

Trail Quests

Marshmallow Code - Mayor Bumbee wants you to find 3 Marshmallows and deliver them to Maurice in The Volcano Lair. Reward: 2220 XP/100 Bananas

The Tribe Urns - Maurice wants you to find the three tribe urns in The Volcano Lair. Reward: 2300 XP/100 Bananas

A Precious Chest - Jeet wants you to find the Purple Chest in The Volcano Lair. Reward: 130 Bananas/2600 XP & Explorer's Pants of Power OR Hearty Purple Skirt

Would you like to buy my delicious Gloom Caps?

Mondy's Daily Dungeon Quest - Mondy wants you to defeat the Arena in The Volcano Lair. Reward: 70 Bananas/1700 XP & Cracked Shadow Shard

Bricks and Marshmallows - Get 5 Lava Bricks from the Forest Ruins and a Marshmallow in The Volcano Lair and bring them back to Maurice. Reward: 250 Bananas/4250 XP

An Energy Source -Wijit wants you to find a Green Crystal in The Volcano Lair. Reward: 110 Bananas/2300 XP & Scaldera Tailguard

Diving Into a Volcano - First Mate Stern wants you to fuel the Volcanic Machine in The Volcano Lair. Reward: 100 Bananas/2000 XP & Elixir of Fire Recipe

Shivering quiver pants! You sure are brave if you jump down there!

Tips & Hints

Hulking Hotheads - Being this close to an active volcano sure toughens you up. In the depths of this treacherous volcano, you'll face for the first time a new kind of Cragcrawler: Magma Crawlers. These burning baddies have adapted to their scorching hot home and can withstand any fire-based attack you throw at them. They also pack quite a punch. Use another damage source to take them out and continue on your way.